Saturday, 8 April 2017

Being My Healthiest Self



Being My Healthiest Self

Eating right. Exercising regularly. Getting eight hours of sleep. Consuming less sugar. Sounds pretty routine, right? But there have been some hidden environmental factors that have been cancelling out all the good work I've been doing. So I'm trying to be more mindful about living a healthy life and reducing the toxins around me. And here's how I'm doing things differently...

No Phones By The Bed
So, the human body is made up of 60% water and the electronic current within the body resonates with the mobile phone's wifi frequency, especially while we sleep. To allow my body to truly relax at night, I switch off the phone and leave it in the living room.

Switch Off Plugs In The Bedroom
It's the same theory. Our bodies start to reverberate against the electricity around us, so I now switch off the bedside lamps at the sockets before sleeping.

Toxins On The Skin
I'm becoming more mindful of the creams I apply to my skin. The products we place on our skin actually go directly to the bloodstream. So I'm choosing more organic skincare creams that are made from natural products.

Detox Naturally
If I've ever needed extra inspiration to take a daily ocean dip, this is it. The huge saturation of the salt we get when we walk/swim/surf in the ocean naturally draws all the toxins out of the body.

More Vitamin D
There's a link between Vitamin D and detoxification, particularly mercury, so I've set aside 20 minutes a day to get outdoors and receive natural serotonin, which is great for brain function.

Daily Alkalising Greens
Adding 2 teaspoons of alkalising greens to my daily diet has really helped my body become more alkaline and combat any acidic toxins within the digestive system. Taking a daily dose of alkalising greens helps with low energy levels, weight gain, and any carb/sugar cravings.

And that's how I'm embracing a healthier me.

Love, Elle xo
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