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Nine Things I'm Eating To Beat The Sugar Cravings


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Nine Things I'm Eating To Beat The Sugar Cravings

It's officially three months since I've cut all sugars from my diet. And I'm feeling great. My body feels clean and lean. My mind is clearer. And overall, I'm a happier person. 2016 was a tragic year for me, and I knew that I had to do something radical in order to stop feeling so 'blah' all the time. So I cut out sweets, and gave up processed foods that contained added sugar. This included all kinds of breads, sauces, salad dressings, the lot. All that sucrose, fructose and glucose in my diet was addictive. The more sugar I consumed, the more I wanted.

So, what do I eat whenever I need a pick-me-up? Here are some foods that have truly helped me kick the cravings.

1. Homemade Smoothies Made With Yogurt And Protein Powder
This is my favourite way to beat the sugar cravings. They taste fabulous. A smoothie is awesome for providing the body with vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, contains calcium and help controls the body's blood sugar levels.

2. Plain Yogurt
I learnt that even though my brain craved sugar, my body needed phosphorous. Yogurt contains phosphorous, which is great for healthy bones, and probiotics, which support the digestive system and help re-balance the bacteria within the gut. For a high-in-fibre and protein-rich snack, I have my yogurt with fresh berries and low-sugar granola, which also stops the body's blood sugar levels from spiking.

3. Steel-Cut Oats
Sugar cravings can often be a sign that the body's blood sugar levels are out of balance, which is why it's important to eat Low Glycemic Index foods that prevent energy crashes. I've found that most cereals or muffins contain simple carbohydrates, which break down into sugar way too quickly and easily within my body, causing me to get headaches and feeling yucky all morning. Nowadays, I eat a bowl of steel-cut oats in the morning, with a sprinkle of cinnamon, a drizzle of honey and hot water.

4. Cinnamon
Cinnamon regulates the body's blood sugar levels and helps reduce sugar cravings. If I need a sweet treat, I eat a small banana with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top.

5. Apples
Another reason the body craves sugary sweets is due to a deficiency of chromium, which is important for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and protein. It also helps the body regulate sugar and cholesterol. Apples, bananas and oranges are all great sources of chromium. I often heat some apple slices in the oven, then sprinkle them with cinnamon for a yummy snack.

6. Dates
Six medium-sized pitted dates provide me with 6% of my daily allowance of potassium, and they help fight off any sugar cravings. But at 23 calories per date, I consider them a treat.

7. Beets
Beetroot is a super-sweet vegetable that helps fight inflammation, ward off migraines and curb the need for sugar. Beets are high in vitamin B and iron. They purify the blood, cleanse the liver and are a great source of glutamine. Love them.

8. Sweet Potato
A great source of potassium, iron and vitamins A, B6, C and D, this perfect little vegetable has everything the body needs. It also includes a large amount of L-Tryptophan, which keeps the body relaxed and calm. Some cooked sweet potato, with a dash of nutmeg and Himalayan salt on top, beats a slice of cake any day.

9. Vanilla
Vanilla-scented candles, soaps, body lotions and room fragrances really help reduce the need to eat sugary foods. The body becomes de-sensitised to the smell, and tricks the brain into thinking it has consumed something sweet. I also add some natural vanilla extract into my coffee or sparkling water to curb any cravings. It works!

All I can say is that the less sugar I consume, the less I need it.
And physically, I feel different.
I'm more alert. I have more energy. And I sleep a lot better. Win.

Love, Elle xo
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