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I've Discovered Nine Foolproof Tricks To Stop Craving Sugar

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I've Discovered Nine Foolproof Tricks To Stop Craving Sugar

I have a major sweet tooth. When friends crave wine and cheese, I crave chocolate. When others order a four course meal, I'll dive straight into the dessert menu. I'm naturally really slim, with a super-high metabolism, and I don't generally put on any weight. But during 2016, I became ill, had no energy, and constantly felt teary, unhappy and rundown. No matter what I did, I couldn't shake the sluggish feeling that I was experiencing on a daily basis. I felt really unhealthy. Even though I looked the same, and I was eating really well, exercising regularly, sleeping okay, I knew I had to do something drastic. I had to do something to stop feeling unwell. So, I gave up sugar. And it was hard. Really hard. But it's achievable, and I'm starting to feel much, much better. Here are the nine foolproof tricks to curb the sugar cravings for good

1. Eliminate Processed Foods
I simply stopped buying processed foods and I stopped eating sugar. The less sugar I ate, the less I craved it. Instead, I added nutrient-dense plant-based foods into my lifestyle. I noticed that my cravings started to diminish after a week of eliminating sugar from my diet. Breaking through the cravings was the hardest part.

2. Take A Probiotic
There are bacterial strains that feed on the sugar in our bodies, causing an imbalance in the digestive system. Taking a probiotic not only reduces this bacteria, but also reduces any sugar cravings and helps the body's overall dependence on sugary processed foods.

3. Include An L-Glutamine Supplement
Sugar cravings are often really overpowering; however, they can be reduced through an L-Glutamine, which is an amino acid that supports digestion in the stomach, intestines and the gut. When your blood sugar levels drop, this amino acid can easily be converted into glucose, which helps curb those sugar cravings, without actually exposing your body to harmful processed sugar.

4. Eat Sour Foods
When I crave sugar, I now reach for foods that are sour and bitter, which helps counteract those annoying sweet cravings. For example, when I make a smoothie, I often include endive and kale. I also love sipping on lemon-infused water on a daily basis.

5. Eat Fermented Foods
Fermented foods help curb any sugar cravings and also give your body extra additional probiotic support. These kinds of foods help counteract the bacteria in the body that thrive on sugar and cause sugar addictions.

6. Use Stevia
This low-carb all-natural sweetener can be used as a substitute for sugar. It provides sweetness without spiking your blood sugar levels. If I feel like something sweet, a warm glass of almond milk with a dash of cinnamon and a pinch of stevia does the trick.

7. Get More Sleep
Drowsiness or sleep deprivation affects your control over high-calorie, processed foods. I've learned that when I don't get enough sleep, I'm more prone to reach for foods that are high in sugar. Lack of sleep also augments the brain's need for reward and instant gratification, making it much more challenging to avoid sweet, sugary foods.

8. Reduce Stress
I'm really mindful that whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed, I tend to reach for foods that are high in sugar, which actually worsen the body's levels of stress and anxiety. Stress overwhelmingly affects the digestive system, and the way I manage my stress levels is through exercise, pilates, yoga and deep breathing meditation - all of which help me feel calm and relax the mind.

9. Eat More Protein
The initial sky-high rush of sugar is always quickly followed by a very low crash, resulting in low energy, headaches and awful mood swings.The cycle of highs and lows is wrecking havoc on my digestive system and overall stress levels, so I've been adding lots more protein-enriched foods into my diet for a more balanced, steady source of energy. Protein settles the body's digestive system, lowers the brain's need for sugary instant gratification and reduces the body's need for processed food, even when its not hungry.

No more gigantic sweet tooth.

Love, Elle xo
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