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Five Things I've Cleared From My Jewellery Drawer


Five Things I've Cleared From My Jewellery Drawer

January 2017 has been the month of decluttering my closet, purging unwanted items from the jewellery drawers within my wardrobe and donating a tonne of clothing, makeup and accessories to charity and women's shelters. Here are the five major categories I've purged from my jewellery stash Marie Kondo-style. And it feels so awesome.

1. Tarnished Cheapies
I'm not talking about the real deal here. Unworn silver and gold is really easy to clean up and wear over and over. I'm talking about those bargain-bin gold-plated specials that look great for a week, then start to fall apart, tarnish, look dirty and lose their appeal. They're not worth repairing. Or keeping.

2. Hopelessly Tangled & Knotted Necklaces
That tangled mess of chains, necklaces, anklets and knick-knacks that have been sitting at the back of the drawer and resemble one big fat knotty mess was tossed out. It was time.

3. Too-Big Bracelets
There was a time when I bought a myriad of large, oversized, chunky bracelets that were never worn because they were actually too big for my wrists. They just didn't sit right. They used to dangle all over the place along my arm. No matter what I did, no matter how many I stacked, I finally learned that overly-big bracelets weren't my thing. It's taken a while for me to get that all of the large bangles and cuffs in my drawer had to be denoted.

4. Fad Fashion Pieces
Jewellery is something I tend to hold on to, especially if the piece reminds me of a great moment in my life. But I took a good look at my collection, and I separated the pieces I wear on a daily or regular basis from the pieces I don't wear at all.
I took stock of the things I owned yet wasn't wearing. And I asked myself: Why aren't I wearing this piece? Is it out-of-date? Has my personal style evolved? If so, how? In which direction? Do I still want to own this piece? How will it fit into my wardrobe now?
And whatever I no longer loved and cherished, I donated or sold.

5. Mismatched Earrings
I own a small graveyard of unwanted solitary orphaned earrings that no longer have a twin. Even though I'm currently loving the mismatch fad (thanks to the Spring '17 runway fashion shows), I doubt that I'll embrace this trend fully and I've tossed quite a few solitary earrings.

Love, Elle xo
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