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My Summer Hair Survival Guide

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My Summer Hair Survival Guide

The weather's hot, it's summer vacation, and I'm spending as much time as possible at the beach. Every morning is a run along the beach. Most afternoons involve a swim or a surf. And the evenings mean cocktails and dinner with friends. But the sand, sea and sun can really turn my Summer into one long bad hair day. Here are the ways I keep my hair long, glossy and healthy all season long.

1. Have Weekly Rehab Sessions
Beach days often leave my hair looking and feeling ultra-dry and brittle, so I always ensure that I use a weekly deeply moisturising mask that infuses the hair with essential oils to keep it supple and free of split-ends.

2. Toss A Tangle Teaser Into The Beach Bag
According to Charles Worthington, hair is more fragile when its wet. So I prefer to use a wide-tooth comb or the classic Tangle Teaser during Summer. I have them everywhere around the house to keep my hair tangle-free.

3. Use A UV Spray
The sun and chemically-treated long blonde hair are mortal enemies. The UV rays can strip colour from the hair (making it brassy) and weaken its texture (leaving it frazzled). During the summer months, I switch to a shampoo and conditioner that ensure UV protection. I also use a UV Protector Leave-In Spray all over the hair before leaving the house.

4. Cut Back On Tool Time
My hair is already currently exposed to a lot of heat, so I try to give the tools a break during the summer season. But if I'm going to use any styling equipment, I always use high-quality tools that have a selection of heat options, and I always use a heat protection spray to stop the colour from fading.

5. Soak The Hair Before Swimming
Water, along with sunlight and chlorine, is a key reason why the colour fades from the hair in the summer months. Before a swim, I always drench my hair with purified water to minimise chlorine absorption, and I always rinse my hair post-pool. At home, I use a colour protectant shampoo and conditioner to reduce any fading.

6. Use Multiple Texturisers
For extra texture that lasts through a myriad of hot and humid days, I like to use a volumising shampoo and conditioner that keeps my hair from going limp. I also like using a sea salt spray for extra volume and bounce.

Love, Elle xo
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