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The Spring 2017 Fashion Trends Of New York Fashion Week

David Jones


The Spring 2017 Trends Of New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week was ridiculously brilliant, and I'm totally looking forward to the fashion trends for Spring '17. There were so many cool, insta-worthy moments on the runways, and here are a few fashion predictions from NYFW for the season ahead.

1. One Sweater, Infinite Possibilities
The knitted top was featured at NYFW as an amazing fashion accessory. Draped over the shoulders. Wrapped around the neck. Tied around the waist. The possibilities are endless.

2. Bright Yellow
Let's call this the Lemonade effect. Thanks to Queen B, canary yellow was all over the runways. And it looked good. In fact, it looked great.

3. The Bralette
The bralette made a huge impact on the runways this year at NYFW. It was everywhere. Ruffled. Colourful hues. Amazing prints. Gorgeous fabrics. It's the perfect little piece to have on hand for Spring '17, especially when styled with slouchy trousers. Very feminine when paired with a masculine pantsuit.

4. Cascading Ruffles
Ruffles. The more the merrier. Bring it on. Love.

5. Ankle Bling
All hail the return of the anklet. Personally, I can never get enough of this fabulous accessory. So underrated. The new crop of anklets are stacked, chunky and are going to look amazing with heels. More please.

6. Off The Shoulder
It's here for another season. But much more effortless. Dropping the neckline to reveal one shoulder (Flashdance style) is the next big thing. Love it. It's essential for that perfectly undone 'I'm-Not-Really-Trying-Too-Hard' casual weekend look.

7. Extra Long Belts
Belts were featured on most runways this year. Clasped in at the waist, cinching in the body, and letting the tail hang long is a must. The easiest way to achieve this look? Borrow a belt from the boys. Done and done.

8. The Heart Motif
Little heart emoji motif is going to be the accessory/print du jour in Spring 17. During NYFW this little piece of cuteness was displayed on shirts, backpacks, jackets, errrythang. Totally loving it.

9. Earrings
Decadent, over-the-top earrings are still on-trend for Spring 17. The perfect statement accessory for the perfect selfie.

10. Styling That Shirt
The classic shirt is getting a makeover for Spring '17, as seen on the runway in the style of mismatched one-shoulder shirt dresses, crop tops and miniskirts. Watch this space.

Love, Elle xo
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