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Having A Great Morning, Every Morning


Having A Great Morning, Every Morning

With the busy-ness of life, it's easy to push aside the importance of having an effective morning routine. Sleeping in, gulping down a cup of coffee and racing out the door tends to be the norm for most people. But I'm a big believer in starting each morning feeling successful, happy and confident, with the mindset of fulfilling dreams and achieving goals. And I love waking up believing that nothing is impossible. Here are seven simple changes that have really helped me wake up feeling great and ready to start each day.

1. Go To Sleep At The Same Time Every Night

Maintaining a consistent sleeping schedule is the first step to waking up ready to kick some serious butt. I know it's easier said than done, but once your body is on a sleep schedule is like winning a gold medal. Giving your brain a good 7 or 8 hours of sleep to decompress, relax and rejuvenate will have a huge impact on the success of your day, week, year and life.

2. Set Your Alarm 5 Minutes Earlier

Giving yourself an extra 15 minutes in the morning will make you feel like a whole new person. Hitting the snooze button and rushing around the house like a mad person will drive anyone crazy. And there's nothing better than arriving at the office early to mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead.

3. No Social Media

This is a big one for me. I have a new rule that I do not check my social media and other internet accounts until later in the day. No checking instagram. No online shopping. No twitter feeds. And personally, this has made a big impact on how I start my day and my productivity on the whole. Social media has its positives and negatives, but I want my mornings feeling re-charged and prepared for the day ahead, not feeling stressed about being bombarded with technology.

4. Make Your Bed

I know. I know. It's sounds silly. But this tip definitely works. Making your bed helps you feel productive and organised, even before you've walked out the front door. It's one thing you can already tick off your To-Do List for the day. And it counts.

5. Quote Of The Day

Reading a motivational quote each morning really provides a confident Can-Do mindset for the rest of the day. Personally, I soak up positive words and phrases whenever I can, through as many different avenues as possible, and I like starting each morning reading something that keeps me feeling motivated and successful.

6. Drink a Glass Of Water

Before I have a coffee, I drink a glass of lukewarm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice. It's great for the metabolism, cleanses the mouth, throat and digestive system, detoxes the body, and gives me that burst of energy that's much-needed each morning.

7. Set + Intentions

Above all, it's imperative to walk out the door knowing your next move. What's the top priority of the day? What are the short-term goals that you can accomplish in order to reach your long-term dream? What will make you feel successful and accomplished moment by moment? What is the one thing you should do today that will get you one step closer to that goal? Whatever the answers are, make it happen. No excuses.

"Always remember to fall asleep with a dream, and wake up with a purpose"

Dream. Believe. Achieve.

Love, Elle xo
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