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Seven Fashion Mistakes That I Made In My 20s And Avoid In My 30s

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 Seven Fashion Mistakes That I Made In My 20s And Avoid In My 30s

In my 20s, I could get away with anything and everything regarding the latest fashion. Did I show plenty of skin? Yep. Could I mix 'n' match clashing prints and styles? Sure thing. Did I wear too much bling-da-bling? Guilty as charged. The things that I considered must-haves in my 20s, are definitely now fashion faux pas in my 30s. Here are the very obvious mistakes I made throughout my 20s, and how I developed and changed my sense of street style over the years.

Skin is always in, but there's a limit to how much skin you can stylishly bare in your 30s. Hems on skirts and dresses look more alluring when they're an inch or two longer. And rather than wear a tight, thigh-baring mini skirt, I now prefer a slinky dress that is form-fitting, skims the knees and bares the shoulders.

In my 20s, I wore relaxed boyfriend jeans and slouchy track pants on a daily basis to University. But I've learnt that there's nothing worse than wearing a loose pair of pants that are actually meant to fit snugly. It makes you looks disheveled and less stylish. Investing in a pair of trousers that enhance all the right features.

Coco Chanel was right when she said you should always remove one accessory before you leave the house. And this is definitely true when you're decked out wearing all the ring-a-ding-bling you own. One tiny sparkly thing goes a long way. Tiny rings, bracelets and other hints of glimmer make more of an impact than wearing your entire jewellery collection.

Wearing heels is tricky. If they're too high, you look cheap. If they're too low, you look clueless. It's all about finding the right pair that really hit the sweet spot in height. For me, that means forgoing platforms (ouch!) and kitten heels (too frumpy!) and selecting mid-height heels that I can walk around in all day.

Yep, oversized sweaters, coats, jackets and shirts are very in right now. But there's a right and wrong way to pull off this trend. If you wear something that's too large, you lose your shape and just look plain sloppy. You're looking for slightly oversized pieces that still define your assets, without swallowing you up whole.

I have a tendency to view my bag as an extension of my closet where I store anything and everything I might need while I'm out and about. And of course, this makes me constantly look lopsided, wieghed down, unorganised and cluttered. I'm trying to use smaller, more structured cross-body bags that limit what I carry around. This idea is still a work in progress, so watch this space.

Finally, the main mistake I made in my 20s was simply not paying attention to the details. I always used to assume that no-one would notice any imperfections, and that the small details didn't matter, But as the saying goes, the devil is in the details, so I always pay close attention to everything I put on before I head out the door. Especially my heels and accessories.

Love, Elle xo
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