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Five Habits Of Genuinely Brave People


Five Habits Of Genuinely Brave People

I totally admire people who live courageously and stand up to bullying within their professional and personal lives. Saying 'no' to bullying is a brave and empowering move. Why? Because it encourages individuals to live not in the absence of fear, but to triumph over fear.

Bravery is an important quality in order to succeed in business and in life. It takes great personal courage standing up for what you believe in (when others chose not to do so), following your own inner moral code (even when your personal beliefs are marginalized), and simply doing the right thing (even though easier options exist). And it takes a healthy dose of inner strength and courage to block out the negativity of others, pursue your dreams and become the best version of yourself.

Here are five things brave people do that sets them apart from the rest.

1. They're brave enough to believe in the unbelievable
Most people can achieve the achievable. That's why most long-term goals include short-term targets that are broken down into believable increments. Incremental is safe. Believable is safe. Why? Because you're less likely to fall short. You're less likely to fail. And you're less likely to lose credibility and authority in front of others. Only a few people want more from themselves and go beyond the expected perimeters.

2. They're brave enough to be persistent
When things go wrong, it's very easy to give up or justify finding an easy way out. It takes more courage to show persistence, to consistently believe in yourself, and show others that you believe in them. Showing patience in others under adversity is a fundamental quality of leadership, and shows that you truly care about those around you.

3. They're brave enough to say 'no'
Never be afraid to say no, especially when it comes to unusual favours, unreasonable or unsafe demands, and people who are only concerned with their own interests. Saying yes to everything is the easy move. Saying no (when you know you'll later resent or regret having said yes) is much harder, but is often the best thing to do for yourself and the other person.

4. They're brave enough to listen to their intuition
Many people try too hard to stand out in a superficial way, and these same people often publicly make others feel inferior by their loud, obnoxious attitudes. It takes more inner strength and courage remain quiet, listen to your own intuition, and take a stand against something that is clearly wrong. When you quietly believe in yourself instead of loudly following others, dreams eventually turn into reality.

5. They're brave enough to ask for help
No-one does anything worthwhile on their own. Even the most brilliant, visionary and fabulously talented people achieve their success through the support of others. It really does take a lot of courage to remain humble, compassionate and sincerely ask for help. It shows a sense of vulnerability, respect and a willingness to listen to others, which are qualities of a true leader. Maybe that's why there are so few truly great modern-day leaders.

It's all about doing things that build yourself up, and not being with people who tear you down.

Love, Elle xo
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