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Adriana Lima's Secret Crop Top Smoothie

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Adriana Lima's Secret Crop Top Smoothie

It's nearly Spring in Oz. Yew. And that means it's coming up to crop top season where the abs are on show and need to look amazing. When I think of great abs, I immediately think of uber-famous Victoria Secret Angel, Adriana Lima. She's literally perfection. And she has all the insider tips to achieving perfect abs by summer. Here are the four rules that keep Adriana Lima in crop top shape.

1. Put In The Work
Adriana works hard to stat fit. She does a daily half-hour run, boxing or cardio session, and she's a big believer in finding an activity that's enjoyable, raises the heart rate and keeps the body moving.

2. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate
Adriana stays hydrated for two reasons. Firstly, she drinks lots of water to have great skin and maintain that perfect complexion. And as a bonus, it helps her cut down on unhealthy snacking, which occurs when she actually feels thirsty. She says, "I often spend a lot of time in my car - going to the gym, running errands and taking the kids to places, so I keep a small cooler filled with water in the car and bring fresh fruit with me everywhere."

3.Treat The Skin You're Showing
Adriana moisturizes her body twice daily with a body cream, and she likes to use a shimmery body oil on her legs during the Summer to keep them silky, smooth and naturally bronzed. Adriana uses Tom Ford's shimmering Soleil Blanc, which is a classic sun-kissed dry body oil that has a gorgeous fragrance and isn't tacky or sticky.

4. Kick Start Your Morning Metabolism
An early morning smoothie, made with fresh organic produce, is the perfect way to boost your energy and kick-start your metabolism. Adriana says, "my favourite smoothie is a very simple water-based avocado and honey blend. Or sometimes I do a yogurt, no-fat milk and honey blend, which starts the morning right." 

Here's her secret go-to crop-top-ready recipe.

1 cup water
1/2 avocado
honey (to taste)

1. Add about 1 cup of cold water into a blender. 
2. Halve and pit a fresh avocado, scoop out the inside and place into the blender.
3. Blend mixture until creamy, then add some organic honey to taste.
4. For something richer, substitute 1 cup of milk and a 1/2 cup of natural plain yogurt for water.
5. Blend and enjoy.

Love, Elle xo
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