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My Everyday Go-To Hairstyles


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My Everyday Go-To Hairstyles

Here are five everyday go-to hairstyles that are ridiculously easy to do, require no effort at all, but help me look polished and put-together when I really need to get out the door asap.
Let's go.

1. The Tousled High Ponytail
This swishy high pony is a cinch to pull off and always looks fab. To prep this look, I brush my hair and secure it into a super high ponytail, spritz some heat protectant spray on the mid-lengths and ends of the pony, then wrap random sections of hair around a curling wand. I let the style cool, then run my fingers through the pony for a more tousled look. Finally, I wrap a small section of hair around the elastic to cover it, and spritz some hairspray to finish.

2. The Pony Bun
Whitney Port styled her hair into a chic pony bun on her wedding day and she looked so effortlessly chic and gorgeous. Check out her look here. It's such a simple, understated look that works best with straight hair. After blow-drying my hair smooth, I comb it back into a simple pony. As I wrap the elastic around my hair, I pull only half the tail into a loose bun shape. To complete this simple look, I add a light spritz of gloss/shine spray to keep the look shiny and natural.

3. The Side Flip
The side flip is the boyfriend jeans of hairstyles. It's kinda casual and "I'm not really trying" but deceptively cool and sultry. I start by creating a side part, then spraying dry shampoo at the roots in order to get some lift and volume, and some texturising spray on the ends for that cool, tousled look.

4. The Half-Up/Half-Down
This look was a favourite look for school when I was a kid, and has made a comeback recently. Off-duty models love it styled with a bun perched on top of tousled hair. A ponytail is super-cute as well. Again tousled hair is key, and I use dry shampoo and texturising spray for this easy-breezy look.

5. The Low Bun
The iconic low bun always works, especially when my hair hasn't been washed for a couple of days. I smooth my hair from the roots to the mid-lengths, without really worrying about the ends as they'll be tied up anyway. Using an elastic, I secure my hair into a low pony at the nape of the neck, twist the hair around itself and secure with bobby pins. The low bun literally takes 5 minutes to create and looks fab all day.

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Got a fave? Let me know your go-to looks.
Love, Elle xo
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