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Victoria's Secret Bombshell Hair


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Victoria's Secret Bombshell Hair For Summer

Last year Candice Swanepoel (goddess!) walked the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway with soft beachy-chic hair that had lots of bounce and shine. Actually, all of the VS Angels (including Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner) had super-luscious, shiny, brushed-out waves and here's how I nail this look over the summer months.

1. Build some volume
The first thing I do to achieve VS Angels hair is to apply some volumising foam or mousse instead of sea salt spray. Sea salt spray can often make my hair look dull and fluffy, whereas a foam keeps my stands looking more polished and smooth.

2. Always use a bristle brush
When I'm blow drying my hair, I use an over-sized radial boar bristle brush. These brushes are amazing and ensure a smoother finish, give more body and will make even the fizziest of hair controllable because of the bristles.

3. Add shine
I always spray a light-weight shine spray only on the mid-lengths and ends of my hair. Definitely skip the roots. By adding a shine spray to damp hair, the nutrients absorb into the strands so much more than dry hair.

4. Invest in two hair curling irons
To achieve the Angels' signature bounce, I need two different large-sized barrel tongs. After blow drying my hair, I take vertical sections of hair (around 6-8cm) and curl away from the face. I alternate between the two curling tongs, and when I'm done, I shake the curls out to become large rippled waves.

5. Backcomb
This is the key for added volume and height. I backcomb the top area around the part-line and crown and give it a quick spray with light-hold hairspray.

Love, Elle xo
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