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Five Essential Supplements For Clear Glowing Skin


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The Five Essential Supplements For Clear Glowing Skin

Radiant complexion. Minimised pores. Smooth texture. Flawless with zero breakouts. Glowy, blemish-free, Miranda Kerr skin is totally possible, and it's all about what you put into your body, rather than what products go onto your skin. We all know the usual biz. Drink two litres of water a day. Minimise your intake of sugar and alcohol. Sleep 8 hours every night. But to get that extra boost of radiance, you need to ensure that your body contains the essential vitamins and minerals to keep your skin in tip-top shape. Here are my daily essentials that clear the skin, minimise pores and help the complexion naturally glow 365 days of the year.

1. Spirulina
Miranda Kerr loves it. Jennifer Hawkins swears by it. And Elle Macpherson takes it every single day. Spirulina is a supermodel fave, which is how I discovered the benefits of this amazing supplement. It's a superfood that detoxifies the skin and promotes a glowing complexion. I buy Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina by Green Nutritionals (MicrOrganics) but there a range of great choices available. I take the recommended six a day for skin maintenance, and it is awesome.

2. Zinc
Zinc not only fights the common cold, but is absolutely amazing for clearing up blemishes and controlling the amount of oil your skin produces. And it heals any scarring and pigmentation. I take one Bio Zinc by Blackmores every morning.

3. Fish Oil
Fish oil is super-rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which maintains soft, supple skin and helps augment collagen levels. Elle Macpherson is a huge fan of taking fish oil everyday (FYI... she takes six capsules daily) and I take three Fish Oil (Odourless) 1500mg By Natures Own tablets a day.

4. Clear Skin
Clear Skin's active herbal ingredient is Burdoch root, which is used to heal dry, flaky skin and keep the complexion radiant, glowing and blemish-free. Clear Skin By Herbs Of Gold contains a stack of vitamins and minerals, such as echinacea, calendula, Vitamin A and Zinc. It's an amazing supplement and I take two a day.

5. Chlorophyll
Another supermodel fave is Chlorophyll, which is an internal cleanser, alkaliser and antioxidant. You can take it in liquid or tablet form, and it is the best way to detoxify, cleanse and nourish the body's system. I take 5ml of Chlorophyll every morning. It's soooo good for your skin, body and general health. And it tastes amazing. Gotta love that.

Have a beautiful day!
Love, Elle xo
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