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The Five Things I Do For Glowing Skin

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The Five Things I Do To Maintain Glowing Skin
I have a normal to dry complexion, so I have to keep my skin really hydrated and moisturised at all times. I'm fairly mindful about the types of food I eat, I SPF everyday, and I always re-hydrate my skin whenever the air-con is amped up at work. And of course, drinking H2O is a game changer. Here are my five hydrating remedies that keep my skin glowing, soft and protected from the harsh factors of the environment.

1. Use A Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced in the body, and holds 1000 times its own weight in water. It is absolutely amazing for aging and dry skin, and when applied as a moisturiser it immediately locks in water, plumps fine lines and boosts cell turnover for smoother, younger looking skin. I love using Neutrogena Hydro-Boost Water Gel. It contains time-released hyaluronic acid, which keeps the skin moisturised for hours and hours. LOVE IT.

2. Eat Your Super Foods
Avocados are my must-have super food. They are an awesome source of vitamins C and E, and they are super-rich in good, healthy fats, which all work to hydrate the skin and lock in moisture. And they're totally yummm.

3. Sleep With a Humidifier
Keeping the air in your house at a humidity level of 10 degrees celsius (approximately) is really good for your health. And investing in a humidifier might seem a bit nerdy, but it really gives me lots of skin-loving benefits. I bought a Dyson humidifier, which keeps my skin supple, hydrated and glowy. Totally worth it.

4. Drink It In
Your skin is actually 70% collagen protein, which makes your complexion look fresh and youthful. Wrinkles are caused by the collagen levels breaking down, along with a slow turnover of new collagen production. So it makes sense to give your skin a boost of those collagen levels, which can be done through treatments, cream and injectables. And I've also been adding collagen supplements to my diet. Feeding your skin from the inside is probably the best way to deliver this wrinkle-filling ingredient. I've been trying Vida Glow, which is a pure marine protein, and I've been adding it to my morning drink for a big boost of hydration. Too easy.

5. Slot In Some Silica
Silica helps boost moisture and elasticity within the skin, and helps the body grow healthy connective tissue. Extra-potent silica supplements, such as Qsilica, are an amazing way to keep the hair, skin and nails balanced and the internal silica levels uber-high. Also, celery and cucumber have amazing levels of skin-loving ingredients.

Happy hump day!

Love, Elle xo
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