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Seven Small Changes That Make My Tummy Super Duper Flat




Seven Small Changes That Make My Tummy Super Flat

A few small changes can really help you lose weight, feel amazing and have more energy. I'm always asked how I cleanse my digestive system, reduce my sugar levels and keep my tummy so flat, no matter what I eat. And whenever you guys ask me something, I'm more than happy to share any life hacks that make a big difference to my health. Keep reading for a few of my favourite ways to cleanse my body, get amazing skin and feel more energised every single day.

1. Hydrate
I'm always banging on about the importance of water, and slowing drinking your nine glasses of H2O throughout the entire day allows your body to naturally keep in tip-top form. Lots of other factors affect your hydration levels (such as working out, drinking coffee, being in the sun) and this means an extra intake of water. The benefits of drinking water are endless, from detoxifying the body, helping weight loss, relieving fatigue and headaches, and creating radiant skin. Seriously good stuff.

2. Drink Chlorophyll Water
Keep a large bottle of chlorophyll in the fridge, and a chlorophyll dropper in your purse (such as The Vitamin Shoppe's Liquid Chlorophyll). Just adding a few drops of this magic vitamin controls hunger, sugar cravings and fights body odour. It's a highly potent antioxidant that really helps the body heal and cleanse itself. And it tastes great.

3. Drink Lemon Water
When you'er not sipping on green water, grab a lemon. Although lemons are acidic, they turn alkaline in your body, which is a good thing. Warm lemon water in the water first thing in the morning really hydrates the body and purifies the liver.

4. Add Coconut Oil
Supermodels like Jennifer Hawkins and Candice Swanepoel always start and end their day with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Coconut oil speeds up the body's metabolism and really helps you maintain an uber-flat stomach. And it actually tastes great in coffee (Yep, give it a try) or in a smoothie. Or take a spoonful daily. And don't forget to take a probiotic as well.

5. Fast For 12 Hours
Okaaaaaay, I know this is not for everyone, but fasting for a complete 12 hours is ahhhmazing for detoxing the system. And it's so simple to do a 12 hour fast between dinner and breakfast. The first six to eight hours after eating your digestive system is focused on digestion; however, the last four hours are for detoxifying the body and this is when fat-burning occurs. Incidentally, if you eat too late the night before, the body gets the signal that no energy is required overnight, and no fat burning will occur until the early hours of the next day (if at all). Again, I know this isn't for everyone, but it works for me.

6. Get Some Sleep
I am seriously that weird person who really needs a solid 8 hours of sleep every night. I know. I know. I'm that friend who always goes to bed early. Sleep is a natural healing process and helps lessen stress and depression and improves creativity and memory function. Winner.

7. Try Dry Brushing
Taking a few minutes dry brushing your body before showering removes dead skin cells, stimulates blood flow, supports lymphatic drainage, decreases cellulite and lets your skin breathe.

Love, Elle xo
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