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What I've Learnt From Gigi Hadid


What I've Learnt From Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid. The name alone is synonymous with high fashion, showbiz friends and quiet confidence. She's besties with Kendall Jenner and rocks the social circuit like a pro. And Gigi is always so stunningly chic, whether she's rocking the glamazon look or just chilling in jeans and a loose tee. Honestly, I cannot get enough of her insta-pics. They're drool-worthy.

Gigi comes from an amazingly down to earth celebrity family. She grew up riding horses, wearing braces and playing volleyball. Her father is a major real estate player and we all know her mother, Yolanda Foster, who was a former top model and is currently seen on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. I think we can all see a lot of Yolanda in Gigi's style. They both have that quiet elegance that is always on another level.

Gigi has some fab go-to tips on how she manages to look so great every single day, and what her beauty must-haves are. Lezzzgo...

What are her makeup must-haves?
"I love the Maybelline's Colour Tattoo Cream Eyeshadows. They'er so easy. For high-fashion events I usually do my own makeup, and like doing a clean face with a natural-looking foundation, bronzer and mascara. But I feel with a clean face, I still have to contour my cheekbones a little bit. I really love the Nude Palette From Maybelline. There are really good matte nude colours that make the eyes pop."

What are her contouring tips and tricks?
"I always use a flat top, cone-shaped brush when contouring. And for an everyday look, I use Maybelline's Fit Me Bronzer for glowing skin. And if I angle the brush, it just gets the bottom of my cheekbones really nicely. Less is more"

How does Gigi keep her skin looking flawless when she's constantly putting on and taking off makeup for shows and shoots?
"I love St. Ives Apricot Scrub. It's so good. It's my favourite. But I don't use it everyday, I only use that when I shower. I also use my Maybelline Cleansing Wipes. They're always in my bag, and I use them before and after photo shoots. And I also loving Chanel Hydra Beauty Lotion. It's perfect for a nice, radiant complexion."

Does her skincare routine change during fashion month?
"I make sure that I moisturise more than I usually do and use a richer lotion, just because the amount of makeup remover causes my skin to become overly dry and dehydrated."

What beauty tips has Yolanda passed down to Gigi?
"The one beauty tip I always use that my mum passed down to me is when I get a pimple, I use toothpaste. And yes, it works."

How does she look so fresh when travelling?
"Sleep. I love my sleep, and I go to bed early whenever I can. If I can leave an event, I go straight away. There are some people who can stay up and do it, but I can't. I think everyone has to know themselves and know their body."

Happy Friday Lovers!
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