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The Seven Habits Of The Insanely Cool & Stylish


The Seven Habits Of The Insanely Cool & Stylish

All my friends know that I have a serious love affair with Olivia Palermo's wardrobe. Actually I'm ridiculously obsessed with Alexa Chung, Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jen Hawkins and Kate Moss as well. They are all beyond normal. Just scrolling through their instagram accounts and Pinterest makes me gag with fashion-lust. These women always look so amazingly chic, cool and interesting... and they aren't covered head to toe in labels. Instead, they always seem to know how to take a simple item and turn it into something fabulous, unique and totally enviable. Stylecaster put together the seven habits of the truly stylish. Ever wondered how these perpetually 'It' girls do it? Just read on.

1. They don't spend all their time surfing style blogs to copy what they see, label for label.

Street style pics definitely provide fashion-inspiration, but aren't necessarily useful when it comes to purchasing high-end items. Magazine editors and big street-style fashion players are often sent the latest designer items for free in order to influence mere mortals like us to go out and buy them. But seriously stylish models will often see a look that they're drawn to and seek out lesser-priced pieces that have the same cool vibe.

2. They aren't afraid to shop in any kind of store and can find something almost anywhere.

Perpetually 'It' girls can go into any store or marketplace with zero snob factor. They can check out the cheesy-teen stores at the mall, as well as the vintage markets, and consistently find great little pieces that work well with their existing wardrobe.

3. They know their own style and what to look for according to their own taste.

The most stylish girls often say, "This shirt? I bought it at Shopbop on sale about a million years ago." They definitely know a great bargain when they see one. And yes, the top is really cool, but it's the way she styles it that makes the biggest difference. You'll see that the shirt has been tucked into a great pair of skinny jeans, or the sleeves have been rolled up to the elbows. It's the little changes they make that adds the biggest impact. And it always works.

4. They always look a little less "done" than everyone else.

Off-duty runway models are often in the habit of always appearing a teeny tiny bit too cool for school. This might mean wearing a pair of slip-on sneakers when everyone else has sky-high heels on, or wearing a chic little playsuit when others are wearing the same LBD. When Kim Kardashian and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley chopped off their hair into messy lobs (long bobs) made long hair seem so passe. It's these small things that make them look less "done" (and uber-cool).

5. They understand that labels don't make them cooler. But some do.

It sounds really cliche, but top models worldwide know that a $700 sweatshirt or $2,000 bag don't automatically make them appear cooler or more stylish. They're just as happy wearing a pair of faded skinny jeans and a white tee. It's all about self-confidence and feeling good about yourself whatever the situation.

6. They aren't slaves to fashion. God, no.

Some of the most stylish people (think SJP, Anna Della Russo or Corine Roitfeld) are able to have fun with fashion and trends without looking ridiculously OTT. If you don't like a trend, there's no need to follow every single fashion-trending blogger under the sun.

7. They don't dress to be considered "stylish".

Before blogs, instagram, Pinterest and those Fashion Week attention-grabbing street-style pics, young women used to dress for themselves and their own lifestyles. It's always important that you always feel like YOU. Believe me, it doesn't matter if you own the latest Alexander Wang heels - if you can't wear them, you'll look and feel ridiculous. Rock the pair of ankle boots that you've had forever with that mini dress, and you'll look way cooler.
Love, Elle xo
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