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The Perfect Kim Kardashian Pony Every Time


The Perfect Kim Kardashian Pony Every Time
The good ol' ponytail. It's so versatile and gets the job every single time. Whether you're running to the gym or going to the office, the ponytail is everybody's BFF. But to get that 'Kim Kardashian Super Swishy Pony' takes a little skill and practice to create. So here are the key tricks that will help you get the perfect 'dressy' ponytail every time.

Get The Essentials
First of all, you need the essentials. Always have a clean toothbrush on hand to smooth any flyaways, and hair elastics in the colour of your hair, as well as a range of bobby pins in various sizes.

Kim's ponytail always starts with a great foundation. If your hair has been freshly washed, blow dry all the strands, keeping in mind the direction you want your ponytail to go. Will your pony be high or low, sleek or boho?

Brush Through First
Kim K always keeps her pony sleek and chic, with no lumps and bumps at the roots. Too much texture is not cute. Kim's hair stylist gently runs a brush through her hair from the mid-lengths upwards, working from the ends of the hair so there's no breakage. For the smoothest possible ponytail, you should be able to run your fingers through your hair without getting them tangled.

Get Some Grip
Freshly washed, silky smooth hair is no match against the ponytail. To keep the Kim K pony in place, you definitely need some hold. Second day unwashed hair has the perfect amount of grip for a good ponytail. My favourite way to add control to 'too-clean' hair is to use a light texturising spray to the mid-lengths and at the crown for some volume and better control.

Check The Placement
Whether Kim's pony is high and bouncy or low and sleek, proper placement is key. Her hair stylist always starts by using her fingers to pull all of Kim's hair away from the face in order to create the base of her ponytail. A low pony at the nape of the neck is uber-sleek and chic, whereas a ponytail that has major height is more voluminous and bouncy. And both styles can be dressed up or down.

Choose Your Elastic
When you're checking out Kim's pony, you're busy looking at her hair not the elastic. The colour and type of your elastic can turn the ho-hum ponytail into perfection. Thick elastics have stronger grip and slimmer versions are great for fine, thinner or shorter hair. And Kim's stylist always matches the colour of the elastic to her hair. Definitely a must!

And that's how I get the perfect Kim K pony that is totally on-point every time.

Love, Elle xo
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