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The Best Lip Balms For The Winter Months


The Best Of The Best 
Lip Balms

Great lips always starts with a seriously awesome lip balm. And during the winter months, the first sign of dehydration is chapped, flaky lips. As soon as the weather gets cold and miserable, my lips tend to become dry, cracked and totally annoying. So what's the solution? Well, the only way to fix this problem is to apply a lip balm that not only moisturises the lips, but also leaves them feeling smooth, full and plump at all times. Here are the very best lip balms on the market that really do a fabulous job all year round.

1. Burt's Bees Lip Balm
All hail the original Burt's Bees Lip Balm! It's such a classic! This lip balm is the perfect 'go-anywhere-budget-friendly-must-have' product that every girl needs. If you don't own this item, stop reading and buy it now! GO!

2. Caudalie Lip Conditioner
I can guarantee that you will loooooove this Caudalie Lip Conditioner, with its subtle vanilla-lemony scent. And one application lasts for hours. Bonus!

3. Clarins Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm
Clarins is simply the best, and my lips always stay extremely hydrated with this amazing lip balm.

4. Guerlain Baume de la Ferte Lip Balm
This 'do-it-all-holy-grail' formula not only plumps the lips, but also decreases the appearance of fine lines and any signs of ageing. And it feels sooooooo good.

5. La Mer The Lip Balm
Perfection. Perfection. Perfection. The La Mer Lip Balm has a very subtle mint flavour, which is divine. I apply this formula on my lips at night and it instantly repairs them, making them feel amazing and supple all night long. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley loves this too. Holy Grail product!

6. Lancome L'Absolu Rouge La Base
Lancome always have the best lipsticks and lip pencils, and this is another amazing product. I apply this lip balm underneath my lipstick, leaving my lips feeling silky smooth and soft all day. It's gooooooorgeous.

7. L'Occitane Moisturising Lip Balm
L'Occitane has a stellar reputation and I adore all of their products. This lip balm is outstanding in every single way. It really works at hydrating and repairing the lips, with the use of carnauba and bee's wax. Iconic.

8. Nivea Lip Butter Smooth Kiss
I'm completely obsessed with the Nivea lip butters. They're smooth, buttery and so easy to use. And the packaging is adorable.

9. Nuxe Nourishing Lip Balm
I love, love, love Nuxe. It's an incredible brand, and the formula of this lip balm is ahhhhhhhhmazing. I use this product as an overnight lip treatment, because it's so rich and moisturising. Yes, it is THAT good. You need this.

10. Sara Happ The Lip Slip Lip Balm
Two words: Simply Beautiful! You can wear this lip balm alone as a lip gloss. It really enhances your natural lip colour and is sooooooo glossy. Stunning.

11. Sisley Paris Confort Extreme Levres Nutritive Lip Balm
Although it's pricey, this fabulous product deeply penetrates and moisturises the lips so quickly, leaving them incredibly supple and plump. Another Holy Grail Must-Have!

It's true... one lip balm is never enough.

Love, Elle xo
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