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The Anti-Stress Drink I Take Every Day





The Anti-Stress Drink I Take Every Day

Okay, we all know that drinking water is super-important (I try  to drink approximately 1.5 litres a day) but the one 'miracle drink' that actually works and has ahhhhmazing benefits is my magnesium water each day.

So, what's the deal with this drink? Magnesium is really important for balancing the calcium levels in the body and also supports muscle/nerve relaxation. I've been adding this supplement to my daily routine for two months and my Vitamin D levels have also been restored. I've been really low in Vitamin D for many years and I'm sooooo happy that this is finally getting better.

Magnesium is also fabulous for reducing stress and anxiety, since it balances the central nervous system and supports the serotonin levels. I love the fact that this supplement is proven to naturally relieve tension, lower stress and increase hydrating levels of electrolytes within the body.

And the best thing about this drink? It really reeeeeally improves my sleep. A deficiency in magnesium affects the body's melatonin levels, which in turn leads to insomnia. A daily dose of magnesium has really helped with my sleeping patterns and improved my overall quality of sleep.

Finally magnesium provides balance, as it alkalizes and restores the body's natural pH levels. Life is extremely hectic and the body needs help to deal with stressful events. Magnesium not only improves bone strength, blood pressure and enzyme function, but also supports a healthy immune system and re-energizes the body from the inside.

Adding magnesium to my daily routine has been so simple and amazingly effortless. I take one or two teaspoons of Natural Vitality Calm Powder dissolved in a glass of cold water. Natural Vitality Calm Powder is gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO and comes in two flavours (raspberry-lemon organic orange) or unflavoured. It really is the magic mineral. Love it.

Love, Elle xo
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