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How I Blow-Dry My Hair At Home


How I Blow-Dry My Hair At Home
I love freshly blow-dried hair that feels silky smooth and soft. Having worked as a runway model when I was younger, I've been lucky enough to experience how the experts blow-dry hair that's super-easy and really quick. So here are a few runway tips and tricks that I use when I want a smooth shiny blow-dry from home.

Cleanse & Rinse
A really great blow-dry actually starts in the shower. I've learnt at many fashion shows that it's really important to rinse my hair thoroughly to get rid of any shampoo and conditioner (which can weigh the hair down). Any residue will ruin your blow-dry and make your hair look and feel limp.

Protect Your Hair
After showering, it's a great idea to dry your hair with a supa-dry microfiber hair towel to help protect it while absorbing excess water. Then I apply a heat protective spray to detangle my hair and add shine. My favourite product to use is BlowPro The Heat Is On - it's like a vitamin-enriched hair mist that contains aloe vera to keep the hair mega-soft and smooth.

Divide & Smooth
Most stylists divide the hair into eight sections, and the key is to work into small zones with a round/oval brush and a hairdryer to give the hair a smooth, polished look.

Longer Hair
Most models have long hair, which always takes a ridiculously loooong time to dry. To speed up the drying process I apply BlowPro Ready, Set, Blow, which pushes water off the hair as I dry it.

Start At The Front
Most of the stylists I've worked with start to blow-dry hair from the front. It's the area that's seen the most and often needs to be uber-smooth. Once the top area is completely dry, I pop in two large Velcro rollers, which add volume while my hair cools and sets.

On The Side
Next I blow-dry the sides, and I hold my brush vertically, twirling it away from my face for a softer effect. I always keep the nuzzle of my hairdryer pointed down to prevent frizz. Once each area is dry, I wrap that section of hair into loose curls with my fingers and secure with longs clips (which support the loose curls without creating kinks).

Work The Back
Finally I dry the back sections, holding my brush horizontally and I curl my hair towards my face. I work my way from left to right, making sure that no wet hair is sitting on top of dry hair. To seal everything, I flip my head over and mist a flexible hairspray over the curls. I really like Redken's Fashion Work 12 Versatile Working Spray.

Dry Shampoo
To preserve my blow-dry, it's all about the dry shampoo. I work it into the roots to absorb excess oil, especially if I'm hitting the gym. Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo is always a winner.


Love, Elle xo
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