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Pro Surfer Bree Kleintop's Beauty Secrets


Pro Surfer Bree Kleintop's Beauty Secrets

Pro surfer, model, blogger and Californian babe Bree Kleintop has been surfing since the age of six and has been featured in a gazillion surf magazines worldwide. She's an ambassador for haircare brand Fudge Urban, and has her own blog called which is all about her love of organic healthy living.

Here are Bree's secrets for a happy, healthy and beautiful life.

How would you describe your beauty style?
"I have a simple beauty routine. Day to day I feel less is more. I put on some mascara, a bb cream and a bronzer. I love a pouty pink lip with natural wavy hair. For glam nights out, highlighter is key."

What are your all-time favourite beauty brands?
"I really like mixing high-end and drugstore products. For lips I like MAC, and I currently love MAC Brave. My favourite mascara is Illegal Lengths by Maybelline. And of course, I love using all the hair styling products from Fudge Urban. They smell like heaven and the Sea Salt Spray holds my tousled wavy hair better than anything else I've tried."

You've got a huge instagram following. What's the secret?
"My goal is to let people share in my adventures, daily life and the brands I personally love and use. I keep it real. My instagram pics are a total mixture of my travels, surfing, modelling shoots and friends. I just want my followers to feel like they know me and be inspired."

Your skin looks amazing! What products are you using at the moment?
"My skin dries out so easily from the salt water and sun. I keep my beauty routine very simple. I clean my skin with a makeup wipe and warm water, then apply my favourite daily moisturiser, which is Garnier SPF15. I also use Fresh Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream under my eyes before bed. Finally I drink plenty of water and eat as organically as possible."

And your hair looks great! What products are you using on it at the moment?
"It's a constant battle keeping my hair healthy. One of my secret weapons is saturating my hair with coconut oil to seal it before I go in the ocean. And I always rinse the salt water out of my hair when I'm done surfing. I like to use a mild clarifying shampoo to get rid of the salt residue, and I use It's A 10 Daily Conditioner. And I always allow my hair to dry naturally.

In addition to surfing, what is your favourite type of workout?
I try to mix up my workout routines to keep it fun and interesting. I love to box. It's great for the upper body and relieves stress, or go for a run along the beach. I love to exercise outdoors. Jumping rope is also a great full-body workout that burns calories quickly. I train 5 days a week and rest for 2 days, but I do core exercises every day.

What are your tips for staying motivated when it comes to exercise and a healthy diet?
It's important to constantly switch up your exercise routine to keep it fun. Get outside and do things that don't feel like a workout. Find a way to make it enjoyable for yourself, whether it's power walking or kickboxing. I stay motivated because I want to be the best me, and I feel better eating clean good food and getting a sweat in every single day. Above all, it's all about moderation.

What's one piece of advice you would give to women about leading a healthy lifestyle?
Love yourself.
Do it for you, and no-one else.
Never stop smiling, laughing or loving.
That's the true key to being happy and healthy.

Love, Elle xo 
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