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How I Maintain Great Posture


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How I Maintain Great Posture
(Even when I'm hunched at the computer all day)

Here are a few tips that reeeeeally help my posture and ensure that my back remains supple, flexible and strong. Even when I spend the day hunched over my computer, these little tricks not only prevent me from slouching, but also create a taller, more graceful look. With these easy-peasy exercises, perfect posture will be second nature in no time.

The Doorway Stretch
Okay, this one is soooo easy. Stand with one arm out to the side holding onto the door frame. Lean or step forward in order to stretch the pecks and upper body muscles. Repeat with the other arm. Actually, I repeat this stretch a few times. Love it.

Release The Pressure
Whenever my upper body feels tense and sore, I always know it's time to stretch my neck and shoulder muscles. To release some tension in this area, simply take your right hand over your head and gently pull your head away from your left shoulder and towards you right shoulder. Do this both sides. This stretch really relaxes the neck and shoulders, and helps release tension in this area.

Back Against The Wall
Stand against a wall, making sure that the back of your head, shoulders, butt and the heels of your feet are all touching and pressing into it. For the best results, remain standing still, pressing these body parts into the wall for five whole minutes. Yes, you'll feel strange at first, but eventually your posture will become straighter and more aligned.

Check Your Abs

The key to perfect posture is maintaining a strong core. Strong abs not only help support your back, but also make you stand taller and look leaner. Visualise pulling your ab muscles in and up, which creates length in your spine. Classes such as pilates, yoga and cross-training are fab for strengthening the abdominal and back muscles. In particular, pilates classes incorporate a move called 'the hundred' and it is AHHHHMAZING. For this exercise, you lie on your back, legs straight and extended 45 degrees from the floor, with your arms at your sides and head curled up in a crunch position. Making small pumps with your arms, inhale for five counts and exhale for five counts, pulling your abs in and up the entire time. Keep this up until you get to 100. No pain, no gain!

Get A Massage
Regular massages not only help you to relax, but also counteract the imbalance that occurs when you sit for too long. A weekly back/neck/shoulder massage improves circulation and reduces stress levels. And I love the fact that it also helps me get a much better sleep. Gotta love that.

Take Your Supplements
Taking calcium and vitamin D supplements on a daily basis not only improves your posture, but more importantly helps with osteoporosis later in life. Too easy!

With these little tips and tricks, great posture is only a couple of steps away.
I promise!

Love, Elle xo
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