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Beauty Must Haves. Spend Or Save?

Beauty Must Haves
Spend Or Save

I get a lot of emails regarding how I manage my beauty budget. And I love creating posts like this. So here are the beauty buys that I looooove to splurge on, and the must-have 'cheap-as-chips' products that work so well and still leave me with money in the bank.

SAVE: Bronzer
When it comes to bronzers less is more. Although I love a good splurge, drugstore bronzers are so handy to keep in your bag. An inexpensive bronzer is fabulous for travelling and my personal fave is Maxi Delight Bronzer by Bourjois. It looks so pretty across the cheeks, without looking muddy or powdery. Love it.

SPLURGE: Foundation
In my humble opinion, foundation is one of the most important beauty buys for the reason that it improves the texture and appearance of your complexion. A high-end foundation is a must and worth every penny. Currently I am looooooving Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in Cashew Beige. It makes the skin look so flawless, naturally bronzed and radiant.
Definitely a must-have.

SAVE: Mascara
Budget-friendly mascaras are top notch these days. My favourite way to apply mascara is to layer different styles/brands until I get the desired affect. For easy super-duper fab lashes I always have Covergirl Lashblast Volume Mascara on hand. I've gone through countless tubes of this amazing mascara. It's not too wet and gives loads of volume, with staying power that lasts all day.

SPLURGE: Eyeliner
On the other hand, I'm so picky when it comes to eyeliners. A good pencil eyeliner needs to be waxy, and be able to blend seamlessly without scratching at the delicate skin around the eyes. I am having a very serious love-affair with Sisley Phyto Khol Perfect Pencil in Plum. It's makes green eyes pop and doesn't budge at all.

SAVE: Cleanser
A good morning cleanser does the job no matter how much it costs. And there are a huge range of budget-friendly cleansers that have cult status. Bioderma Sebium Purifying Cleansing Foaming Gel contains zinc and copper sulfate, which thoroughly cleanses my skin and is the perfect foam cleanser.

SPLURGE: Moisturiser
Your moisturiser doesn't merely smooth the surface of the skin. It has the hard task of penetrating into the deeper layers, repairing cells and skin tissue. So I need a moisturiser that not only hydrates my skin, but also feels good all day. I have been using Creme de la Mer Moisturisng Cream for years and it truly makes all the difference in my complexion. I couldn't live without it.

SAVE: Nail Files
A good budget-friendly nail file is perfect for me. I literally have nail files everywhere in the house, in my car, at work. You get the idea. I really really love Sally Hansen Nail Shaper Nail Boards. They shape my nails so well without damaging them at all.

A good top coat can make the difference between your manicure looking 'meh' and 'uber-glam-professional'. A top coat should be thick to protect the colour, and it also needs to seal in the layers to prevent chipping. Choose one with high shine and you will not be disappointed. Dior Top Coats are chip resistant, uber-shiny and simply perfection.

SAVE: Facial Spray
When I feel as though my complexion needs a little pick-me-up I always have a facial spray handy to re-hydrate my skin. There are so many drugstore options, and I have a variety at home to choose from. I love La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water. It replenishes my skin's H2O levels really well, and feels super-nice.

My skin gets so dry in the winter, and it always needs a face oil that is enriched with the hydrating properties of antioxidants and vitamins. My complexion responds really well to La Mer's The Cleansing Oil and I apply it religiously every morning and night before I cleanse my skin. I literally use one pump for my whole face. It feels amazing on the skin and soooo worth the money.

SAVE: Dry Shampoo
The best dry shampoo is Batiste Dry Shampoo. It's dirt cheap and smells great. I've tried other brands, but this is the one that I go back to time after time. My fave is Wild scented.

SPLURGE: Hair Mask
If you have long blonde hair, then you definitely need a thick restorative hair mask that not only smooths the hair follicles, but also replenishes moisture loss. I prefer to invest in a more expensive mask so that it can work its magic on my hair, and my current fave is Pureology Strength Cure Restorative Masque (which I leave on for 2 - 5 minutes in the shower). It's worth the investment and my hair thanks me for it.

SAVE: Hand Cream
Hand cream is another everyday staple that I can't live without. Jergen's Hand and Nail Cream contains a 'hydralucence' blend of vitamins C, E and B5 and is amazing for luminous, visibly healthier looking hands. One tube lasts forever. Soooooo so so good.

SPLURGE: Fragrance
For me, this is a no-brainer. When it comes to a fragrance, I can't go past an amazingly original scent that makes me feel good and lingers all day. A signature scent that make you feel like YOU is so important. You know you have a fabulous fragrance when strangers ask what you're wearing. There's nothing like it! What's in my bag right now? Chanel Coco Noir Eau de Parfum.

Love, Elle xo 
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