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Vitamin D The Sunshine Vitamin



Vitamin D... The 'Sunshine' Vitamin
Vitamin D3 is simply known as the 'Sunshine' vitamin, and it's always worthwhile checking whenever you're feeling low, tired or down. Even if you don't get your vitamin D3 levels checked out, it's always worth taking 1,000IU a day. Low levels of vitamin D3 may lead to a higher risk of serious illness. 

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Vitamin D3 is so essential for so many reasons. It's a major component needed for bone strength and is also super-important for collagen production, which means less wrinkles and ultimately younger looking skin. And we all want a more youthful complexion. 

More importantly, low levels of vitamin D3 are more recently associated with depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which is a type of seasonal depression that can occur when we don't get enough sunlight. This essential vitamin is associated with the 'feel good' part of the brain and produces the natural chemicals called serotonin and dopamine.

So, how do you increase your intake of vitamin D3?
Look for foods that are enriched with D3, such as almond milk, orange juice and breakfast cereals that are specifically fortified with vitamin D3, Also salmon and plain, fat-free yogurt with no-added sugar are excellent vitamin D3 choices.

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