Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Supplements Needed for Model-Worthy Hair


The Supplements Needed For Model-Worthy Hair

The Journal Of Cosmetic Dermatology has just published its latest research on the most effective vitamins proven to strengthen hair and improve density and volume.

Over a six month period, they worked on a very specific cocktail of minerals and vitamins, including fish oil, blackcurrant seed oil, vitamins E and C and lycopene, to help hair become healthy, long and luxurious. And it worked! Researchers saw that this particular mix of fatty acids and antioxidants not only supported healthy skin cells, but also had a positive effect on hair follicles.

So, here's the trick for Victoria's Secret supermodel hair that's healthy, shiny and uber-strong.

All you need is:
460mg Fish Oil
460mg Blackcurrant Seed Oil
5mg Vitamin E
30mg Vitamin C
1mg Lycopene

Definitely adding these to my vitamin routine.

Have a beautiful Sunday!
Love, Elle xo
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