Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Messy Knotted Ponytail

The Messy Knotted Ponytail
I absolutely LOOOVE this look. It's a little bit boho and a little bit beachy. 
And it's dead easy.
Here are the deets. Let's do it.

A large curling wand
Texture powder
Bobby pins
Hairspray (flexible hold)

1. Start by adding some large waves in your hair with your curling wand. Go in different directions, and don't brush out your waves when you finish. Just comb your fingers through your hair.

2. Add a little texturising powder into the roots for voluminous beachy waves. Be careful not to add too much, as your hair will just end up feeling sticky.

3. A tiny bit of texturising powder helps freshly washed hair feel voluminous (and not slippery) and gives the bobby pins a little more grip.

4. Once your hair is texturised, take two small sections from the front (just above ear level) and pull them to the back.

5. Tie the two sections together into a half knot.

6. Take two bobby pins and criss cross them through the half knot to keep it secure.

7. Take another two sections from the tail of your knot and criss cross them under the ponytail near the nape of the neck. Secure the criss crossed pieces behind the textured pony.

8. Gather a little more hair from the back to thicken up each sections before pulling it around and tying it again.

9. Repeat as many times as you would like, depending on the length of your hair.

10. Lastly, pull some hair for a little more texture. Perfect for those relaxed boho beach days.

Love, Elle xo 
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