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Makeup Brushes Every Girl Should Own


Makeup Brushes Every Girl Should Own
I love a good makeup brush, but I'm not really the type of person to buy a tonne of brushes that end of not being used. I don't mind owning a mix of brands with different price points. And as long as I have the necessities, I actually love using a mix of high-end and budget-friendly brushes. So here are the items every girl should have in her makeup kit. 


  • Liquid Foundation Brush ~ A definite must-have. Look for a brush that has dense synthetic bristles that will easily blend and smooth liquid foundation for an even streak-free complexion.
  • Powder Foundation Brush ~ With its flat mega-wide brush, this amazing item is perfect for applying powder foundation that's full-coverage and gives a seamless, ultra-luminous finish. Winner.
  • Cream Foundation Brush ~ A specially designed cream foundation brush is a must. It's formulated to softly buff cream foundation into the skin instead of sitting on top.
  • Concealer Brush ~ I could not live without a concealer brush, and I love one that can easily sneak into the contours of the eyes. Look for an angled brush that can work into those small areas of your face in order to conceal dark circles around the eyes and redness around the nose.
  • Powder Blush Brush ~ This is a new addition to my collection, and it's perfect for adding a pop of colour along the upper apples of your cheeks. And it's great for lightly dusting a setting powder along the T zone.
Contour and Highlight

  • Cream Contour & Highlight Brush ~  Contouring and highlighting is a huge deal right now (Thanks Kim K!) and a whole range of contouring brushes have been designed for this specific task. I love a dual-ended cream contour brush that has a longer angled flat side that's fabulous for sculpting and blending those cheek bones, as well as a smaller softer side that is perfect for liquid highlighters and highlighting areas that need extra brightness.
  • Powder Bronzer Brush ~ Another must-have in any kit. A slightly-angled contour powder brush is perfect for bronzing the cheeks, forehead and under the chin. The flufflier the brush the smoother the skin.
  • Powder Highlight Fan Brush ~ This is also a more recent purchase for me and I love it. Look for an ultra-wide fan brush that applies just the right amount of highlighting powder along the cheek bones, the bridge of the nose and along the cupid's bow. Game-changer!

  • Powder Blush Brush ~ A soft fluffy brush is so important for placing powder blush in just the right area without looking over the top. It's fab for blending everything so beautifully for an even, radiant complexion. Divine!
  • Cream Blush Brush ~ A densely packed angled contour blush is perfect for applying cream blushes. The jam-packed short bristles means that the brush itself is less fluffy, and hence, amazing for stippling creams along the cheek bones. Just lovely.
Love, Elle xo
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