Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Cleansing With Coconut Oil



How I Use Coconut Oil As Makeup Remover
(Even Waterproof Mascara)

According to the season, I love mixing my my skincare regime and using different products from time to time. And I absolutely love love love using coconut oil as a natural makeup remover. Coconut oil brightens and clears the skin, reduces fine lines and really REALLY improves the condition of your eyelashes. It cleanses your face without any harsh rubbing and leaves your complexion moisturised and luminous.
Here's how I use it.

STEP ONE - Scoop a very small amount of coconut oil out of the jar. If the oil is solid, rub it in the palm of your hand until it becomes liquid. Place a light coating on your fingertips.

STEP TWO - Close your eyes and gently apply the oil over your eyelids, eyelashes and around the eye area. Make sure there is enough coconut oil to move your fingers around easily without tugging on your skin.

STEP THREE - Gently massage the oil over the eyelids, on the lashes and directly under your bottom lashes. If I get some in my eyes there's no pain or irritation. And it's super-duper-easy to wash out. Gotta love that.

STEP FOUR - Continue to massage your skin in circular motions to remove all face makeup.

STEP FIVE - Using a warm damp wash cloth, gently wipe off the excess coconut oil. And finally, splash your face with some warm water and you're done.

Your face should feel gorgeously dewy and moisturised right away. Try it for a couple of weeks, and I promise that you'll see the amazing benefits of radiant skin and luscious lashes kick in. You'll love it. Guaranteed.

Love, Elle xo
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