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The Best Ways To Reduce Sun Damage


 The Best Ways To Reduce Sun Damage

Ugh. I'm really missing Summer at the moment. It's my all-time fave season. I love the beach, the waves, the surf, the sun. But I don't like the sun damage that has started to occur across my decolletage. The freckles, sunspots and uneven texture just looks plain ugly and aging.
So, here are the ways I am correcting the pigmentation and the sun damage in this area.

Firstly, it's important to start developing daily protective habits. Commit to applying broad-spectrum sunscreen every single day. No matter what kind of treatments you invest in, sun damage can easily return if you don't bother protecting your skin on a daily basis. I love using a rich sunscreen that's full of antioxidants for my decolletage.
I'm currently using Shiseido's Expert Sun Aging Protection Cream SPF 30.

Secondly, it's always beneficial to exfoliate the decolletage so that the damaged or irritated skin can flake off to reveal new, fresh skin. Simply use your Clarisonic and a gentle cleanser on the area once or twice a week, followed by a Retin-A lotion for impressive results.

For more dramatic results, invest in a good glycolic peel. A monthly at-home (or salon) peel treatment instantly brightens the skin and gets rid of serious pigmentation and redness. Follow with an alpha hydroxy acid to boost skin renewal, improve texture and keep the area hydrated.

Finally, the very best way to get rid of sun damage is to invest in a salon IPL laser procedure, especially if you are super serious about sun protection. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments not only repaired the sun damage across the decolletage, but also reversed the aging process. After the initial redness and flakiness, the results were amazing. I had a few days of peeling and swelling, which wasn't noticeable at all. It looks and feels like brand new skin and I am so impressed. Highly recommended.

Love, Elle xo
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