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11 Healthy Foods That Every Girl Should Always Buy


11 Healthy Foods That Every Girl Should Always Buy

Jessica Sepel is a nutristionist, wellness coach and has an ahhhhmazing blog called Her personal philosophy reflects her holistic lifestyle of eating lean and living clean, and she is a strong believer in nourishing the body with organic foods that are free of artificial chemicals or additives. Here are her top eleven foods that every girl should have on her grocery list.

1. LEAFY GREENS. Sepel says that greens like kale, spinach leaves, watercress, rocket, lettuce and cabbage leaves are all must-haves. "You can throw them in smoothies or use them in salads. They are packed with vitamins and nutrients (think fibre, protein, vitamins A, C and K plus anti-oxidants and omega-3s) to help get you through the day."

2. VEGETABLES. You can't live on salads and smoothies alone, so stocking up on hearty vegetables is super important. Carrots, eggplant and brussel sprouts can easily be roasted and made into healthy, delicious and easy side dishes.

3. LEMONS. Think of lemons as your secret detox weapon. "I always have lemons on hand to squeeze into warm water in the morning," Sepel says. "Lemons help alkalize and detoxify your system, plus it boosts your metabolism."

4. BERRIES. Got a sweet tooth? Make sure you always have lots of (fresh and frozen) berries at home. Sepel says to add blueberries and raspberries to your smoothies and oats because they're low in sugar and packed with antioxidants.

5. QUINOA. Quinoa is the superfood of the grains family. It's gluten-free and an amazing source of protein, so it will fill you up instantly. Always keep a packet handy for salads and lunches all week.

6. OATS. Sepel swears by gluten-free oats for breakfast. It fills you up without the bloated feeling, and gives you lots of energy all day.

7. BROWN RICE. Always choose brown rice that is gluten-free rather than heavier options. Your body will love you for it.

8. EGGS. Super high in protein, eggs contain all the necessary nutrients that make us feel energised all day every day.  The combination of protein and healthy fats make eggs unbeatable.

9. FISH. When it comes to healthy sources of protein, fish is another top option. "Snapper, cod and salmon are my favourites", says Sepel. She also loves tinned tuna and salmon, as long as you don't overdo it because of the mercury.

10. CHICKEN. (Or the occasional steak) Chicken, turkey breast and the occasional steak are also perfect sources of lean protein, which the body can easily digest and metabolise.

11. NUTS. Raw almonds and seeds are much better snacks than pre-packaged processed foods that contain extra sugar, chemicals and preservatives.

So easy. Love that.

Love, Elle xo
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