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Nail Tips With Deborah Lippman


How To Prevent Nail Polish From Chipping
Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippman says there are a few things to do when applying nail polish to stop it from chipping or peeling off within a couple of days.

First, always use salon quality nail polishes. They haven't been diluted with harsh chemicals and last longer than cheaper brands.

Secondly, the main issue with chipping is being heavy-handed and having too much polish on the actual nail brush. If your application is too thick, your polish will dry inconsistently and unevenly. Deborah states that it's best to apply very thin layers. "And it's okay if the first layer is streaky, you'll cover it the next time."

Thirdly, Deborah says, "Let each layer (base coat, first polish application and top coat) dry completely before doing the next. The solvents in the polish need no less than two minutes to evaporate. And if you actually watch the nail during that time, you will see it go from a very wet consistency to a dried-down glassy look (which means the solvents are gone)."

Fourth, to make your manicure last longer, Deborah suggests using a gel-finish top coat or an at-home LED light. She says that if you get your nails professionally done, ask your manicurist to skip the top coat. When you get home apply the gel top coat, set it (under the light if you want) for 60 seconds and your nails will look flawless for weeks.

Here are my gel top coat picks:

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