Monday, 9 February 2015

My Eight Essentials For Feeling & Looking Good Every Day



These are my daily rituals that make me feel and look good all the time.

ONE. Dry body brushing with a large natural bristled brush is the best way to increase circulation and help lymphatic drainage. Start at the toes and work upwards towards your heart.

TWO. Get up an hour early and do a workout before starting your day at the office. Aim for around 45 minutes of exercise and include strength training, running, pilates, swimming and yoga.

THREE. Up your water intake to two litres a day, and ditch the alcohol. Add fresh lemon, a slice of orange or a wedge of lime to your water.

FOUR. Regularly keep up with your laser appointments so that your body is permanently fuzz-free in no time.

FIVE. Self tan on a daily or weekly basis. Choose an olive toned self tanner for a deep natural looking tan.

SIX. Keep your tummy super flat by reducing your intake of fine sugars and carbohydrates. Up your intake of fresh vegetables, especially asparagus, celery, cucumber and spinach leaves.

SEVEN. After showering, always rub a good body oil into your skin, spending time massaging the areas around the ankles, knees and elbows. Hello glowy skin!

EIGHT. Treat yourself to a pedicure once a month. And a bright polish is always a must.

Love, Elle xo
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