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How I Get Rid Of Dark Circles


How I Get Rid Of Dark Circles

Dark circles are not cute. Unless you're a panda. Here are some tips and tricks that I consistently use to keep those dark circles away for good.

Always wear sunscreen. 
The skin under the eyes is so thin and prone to pigmentation so it's really important to wear sunscreen especially in this area.

Use a retinoid. 
Buy one that is specifically for the under eye area. The Vitamin A derivative fades pigmentation and increases collagen production. I apply an under eye retinoid twice a week (at night) so that the skin doesn't become too irritated.

Choose the right eye makeup remover. 
Excessively rubbing the under eye area causes inflammation and capillary damage. A good cleansing oil melts your eye makeup with the least amount of skin and eyelash damage.

Rinse with cool water. 
Constantly washing your face with hot water can cause inflammation and puffiness, which in turn brings out dark circles. So splashing cool water onto the face keeps the redness down.

Choose brightening ingredients. 
Look for ingredients like kojic acid, licorice, Vitamin C and daisy extract which all help brighten and even the skin out. Use a Vitamin C serum every morning, and a skin lightening cream (that contains hydroquinone) at night.

Get a professional laser treatment. 
To reduce the bluish discoloration under the eyes, it's important to get professional laser treatments such as Excel V which constricts the blood vessels.

Get a hyaluronic acid filler. 
The inner eye area can look really sunken in, bruised and hollow. So getting a hyaluronic filler (done by a professional) not only helps plump that area, but also reduces those ugly dark circles.

Use a creamy solid concealer. 
Makeup artist Laura Mercier always recommends a creamy solid concealer rather than a liquid. A cream based solid concealer provides more coverage and doesn't wear off as easily. Laura Mercier says that a peachy-toned concealer neutralises any blue shadows, and avoid yellow concealers as this colour just stands out like a highlighter.
Apply your concealer in a thin layer otherwise it'll looked caked on. Or use a beauty blender. Start at the darkest area and blend along the inner corners of your nose, but stay away from your crow's feet. Then press the back of your hand to remove any excess concealer.

If it's been a particularly big night and those under eye circles are especially dark, then the only way to brighten that area is to prep the skin with a peach-coloured cream base called a corrector. Apply it with a damp beauty blender to sheer it out, then tap your regular concealer on top.

Always use an eyelash curler. 
Lashes that curl upwards really lift and brighten the eyes, making them look more awake and open.
Use a soft peach eyeliner pencil along the inner waterline to brighten up the whole eye area.

Love, Elle xo
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