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Train Like A Victoria's Secret Model


Train Like A Victoria's Secret Model

The VS Angels always look so amazing with bodies to die for. Models like Candice Swanepoel, Karlie Kloss and Lily Aldridge have naturally long and lean (ectomorph) bodies, but they also train super hard to look great every single day of the year. Supermodel trainer Jordan Ponder states that the VS girls love skills-based exercise, such as boxing, ballet and pilates. And he gives them a lot of ballet-type drills for posture, length and strength.

Here's the Jordan Ponder low-down.

1. The VS Angels workout every day. But for how long? Jordan says that the intensity varies, but it's important to be active every day. He states that his models exercise for around an hour a day, and step it up to two hours daily before a major fashion show.

2. They always do a full-body workout and never overload one particular muscle group. The Victoria's Secret models all choose high-intensity for short intervals, mixed with running, walking and skipping. And they also vary their workouts as often as possible.

3. Leading up to auditions the VS models go through a time of reduced calories. Two weeks before a show, the Angels all go on protein supplements and shakes (like bodybuilders) to strip the fat.

4. However, in their day-to-day lifestyles, it's all about healthy living, keeping their fitness levels up and keeping lean (but not overly skinny). They eat right and their lifestyles are always super clean so that they have amazing amounts of energy each day.

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