Sunday, 14 December 2014

How I Get Victoria's Secret Waves



How I Get Victoria's Secret Waves With David Babaii

We all love, love, love Victoria's Secret big glamorous waves. The VS Angels always have fab soft, relaxed wavy hair with lots of volume.

Hair guru and GHD brand ambassador David Babaii says the best way to get Victoria's Secret bombshell waves at home is to leave out at least 6cm of ends when you curl your hair. He also says "When you release your hair from the curling wand, pull the ends down gently. This gives you a longer, more lived-in wave."

For more texture, David Babaii advises to flip your hair forward and shake your roots gently with your finger tips. Flip your head back again and pull out larger sections of hair, pinching the ends and sliding them up while still holding your hair at the bottom. This gives volume and fluffy relaxed texture. Just shake & slide. Love it.

Love, Elle xo
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