Saturday, 20 December 2014

B Is For Biotin



I love Biotin. Absolutely love it. I have written a tonne of posts exclaiming my endless love of it. If there is one supplement that everyone should take, it's this little beauty. It's in the Vitamin B group (otherwise known as Vitamin H) and is super duper important for strengthening the body's metabolic rate. It also supports the health of your skin, your metabolism, the digestive system and your red blood cells. It's amazing for maintaining healthy nails and hair and helps your skin become more radiant and glowing. 

Personally I take 1000 mcg of Biotin along with 5000 mcg of Vitamin D every morning. This combination doesn't give me a headache and makes the biggest difference in the appearance and length of my nails and hair. And I am absolutely 100% certain that this is one of the main reasons that my skin looks really good. 

I prefer to buy my vitamins online because it is waaaaay cheaper and I always get a good deal. I really love Vitamin King at the moment and you can click below for some great offers. 

Loving that!

Love, Elle xo
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