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The Best Brushes For Long Hair



The Best Brushes For Long Hair
Buying the right brush is like getting a new mobile phone. Once you find the right one, it becomes indispensable. Here are my all-time faves that I can't live without.

The Oval Cushion Brush
An oval cushion bristle brush is amazing for detangling dry hair and creating fantastic shine. This type of brush isn't for wet hair, and my fave is the Mason Pearson Handy Bristle Brush. It is GORGEOUS and you will have it forever.

The Wooden Round Brush
This is so fab for smoothing and adding body when blowing drying my hair. Love it. Get it, You need the Mixed Bristle Porcupine Rounder Brush in your life.

The Rectangular Paddle Brush
A rectangular paddle brush is every girl's best friend and mine is the Aveda Paddle Brush, which is brilliant for detangling and smoothing long hair. Fool-proof.

The 8cm Ceramic Round Brush
This aerated brush is perfect for straightening and smoothing hair. I have two faves. Chi Turbo CB02 Nylon Bristle Brush and Spornette Prego 275 Brush are both wonderful.

The Tangle Teezer
A must-have for wet hair, with wide-spaced bristles that safely pull through even the knottiest of tangles.



Each brush is amazing and would make any hair stylist green with envy.

Love, Elle xo
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