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Little Healthy Habits That Make A Big Difference




Little Healthy Habits That Make A Big Difference

Here are some little healthy habits that make a big difference in my daily life. I truly believe that a person's attitude determines their direction in life, and I'm a huge fan of making the most of every single day. Each day presents its hurdles, its ups and downs, and I find that it's the little things that make a huge difference.
So here they are...


Don't hit the snooze button 
Hitting the snooze button just makes it harder for me to get up, which then makes me feel really tired all day (hate that!) and zaps my energy levels. I'm lucky that I naturally wake up fairly early. But once I'm awake, I have to get up. I'm not one of those people that can lie in bed all morning.

Start hydrating ASAP 
I start that day with a big glass of H2O. Drinking water helps your mind and body perform in tip top shape all day long. It helps the digestive system and keeps the body feeling energised. I keep a big bottle of water beside my bed, and I have a bottle of water at my desk.

Choose the right breakfast
Complex carbs, protein and healthy fats need to be in your life, especially at breakfast. I cut out fats for a while in the past and my skin looked terrible. So eating a healthy breakfast with lots of nutrients not only makes me feel fantastic and gives me lots of energy, it makes my skin look great.

Fit in a workout
During the week I exercise after work (or whenever I can) but over the weekends/holidays I love fitting in a morning run on the beach. It's the perfect way to start the day.


Get fresh air
Feeling stuck inside the office or tied to my desk is sometimes so draining. So I go outside. I get some sunshine. I take a quick walk during my break. I stretch my legs. Then I come back to my desk with more energy and a fresh perspective.

De-clutter your work space 
When my desk looks like a war zone (and it often does!) it just makes me feel more stressed out. I take a few minutes each day to clean up and get organised, so that it doesn't feel overwhelming later.

Eat an energised snack
I always have a protein bar in my desk drawer or in my bag. This gives me an energy boost and keeps my sugar levels balanced, without eating something unhealthy.


Skip the alcohol

Having a glass of wine might seem the best way to unwind at the end of a day, but it only makes the body feel sluggish the next day. Alcohol attacks the collagen of the skin and only makes you look puffy and tired.

Turn off electronics
I'm a big believer in having no electronics in the bedroom. Research suggests that working on the laptop, looking at the mobile phone and using other electronic devices while in bed wrecks havoc on the body's sleeping patterns. This has made the biggest difference in my life. Going to bed, lighting a diptyque (or Jo Malone) candle and reading a book is so relaxing. And it's something I always look forward to.

Get to bed
Quality sleep is the best way to ensure high energy levels the next day. Forget watching Netflix all night. It's so important to listen to your body when it's tired. Get to bed early. Get 8 hours of sleep on a regular basis. And you'll wake up feeling positive, energised and ready to take on the day.

Positive Mind. Positive Vibes. Positive Life.
Love, Elle xo
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