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How do you wear your fragrance?



How do you wear your fragrance?
What is your favourite fragrance? Do you have a perfume or body spray that you really love and can't live without? I'm always intrigued about the signature scent of others. I love learning about other people and what sort of fragrances they gravitate towards. I don't really have a signature scent, but I always seem to choose blends of vanilla, amber, musk or coconut.

I loved reading this article in 'The Telegraph' called The Modern Man's Guide To Fragrance Etiquette that basically lets guys know (using language that fellas can totally relate to!) how to wear a body spray or scent.  And the dos and don'ts are hilariously true. A must read!

So where do you apply your fragrance?
Here are the main points on where I love applying my perfume and how i store my fragrances.
  • Sometimes I love spritzing perfume at the nape of the neck and the back of the knees. These areas naturally radiate warmth and are the perfect spots for a fragrance.
  • On balmy summer nights, I like to gently spritz some fragrance in my hair. It just feels nice having my favourite perfume floating around me. Love!
  • I always moisturise my body with a lotion beforehand. This preps the skin nicely and gives my fragrance something to sink in to. Then I really love a couple of spritzes at the decolletage/stomach. The scent really lingers and has lots of staying power in these areas.
  • For the office, I usually spray some perfume at the wrists. Always an easy and fail-safe option.
  • Less is more. I never over-perfume. Just because I love a perfume, doesn't mean everyone else will like it. So I just choose a couple of pulse-points and keep it simple. I also opt for a perfumed body lotion which lingers beautifully on the skin, rather than wear a heavy spray.
  • I keep all my fragrances on a couple of shelves inside my wardrobe. Perfumes or body sprays that sit in direct sunlight get stale and lose their scent super duper quickly. So I keep mine away from the elements as much as possible.
At the moment my favourite fragrances are Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille (an amazing grown-up mix of coconut and vanilla. Not too sweet.) See By Chloe (a gorgeous, understated floral scent that dries down to base notes of vanilla and musk. LOVE IT.) And Creed Virgin Island Water (a unisex scent that is so delicious and tropical. A Must-Have.)

Love, Elle xo
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