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Must-Have Make Up Brushes



My Must-Have Make Up Brushes

I don't own a tonne of make-up brushes. In fact, I probably own around twelve. For me, it's not really necessary to own hundreds of brushes that just sit there looking pretty. So here are a few trusty tools that I absolutely love and use all the time.
  1.  THE FOUNDATION BRUSH ~ Definitely a must-have. I love a flat, tapered style that allows my foundation to evenly glide across the skin without any streaks.
  2. THE CONTOUR/CHEEK DEFINER ~ I love this little stunner. It has a flat round disc to hold onto when contouring. This brush sweeps my bronzer right under the cheekbone through to the hairline to show perfectly sculptured cheeks.
  3. THE MEDIUM EYE SHADOW BRUSH ~ The perfect blender. Any eye shadow can be blended seamlessly with this brush. I always have a clean medium fluffy eye shadow brush to blend a smoky eye or add some dimension in the eye crease.
  4. THE POINTED SHADOW BRUSH ~ This brush places eye shadow perfectly along the lash line and also helps build up a smoky eye.
  5. THE BROW FILLER ~ The handy angled brush has waxy flat bristles and it's amazing for filling in tricky brows without them looking drawn on.
  6. THE CONCEALER BRUSH ~ Takes away the dark circles beautifully and is also great for placing primer on the eyelids.
  7. THE HIGHLIGHTING BRUSH ~ Brilliant for cream or powder blushes and the short natural and synthetic bristles make it super easy to use.
  8. THE FAN BRUSH ~ A must-have for sweeping the perfect amount of highlighter or illuminizer along the top of the cheekbones.

Want to know how to clean you make-up brushes like a pro?
Here's how:
Love, Elle xo
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