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Laser Hair Removal: Your Questions My Answers


My Laser Hair Removal Experience

It's still wintery and cold in Oz, but this is the time of year when I tell all my girlfriends to go get lasered. Yep. Get all that unwanted hair off via a laser hair removal system. I love the feeling of silky smooth skin all year round and (for me) laser has been the best way to do this. I get a lot of questions regarding laser hair removal, and I thought I would answer them in this post. 
Here we go...

What's the biggest mistake people make when getting laser hair removal?
I would say the biggest mistake is not going to an experienced beautician and not making regular appointments. I would recommend going every 4-6 weeks.

How many sessions do you need?
It depends on each person. You will see a difference after your first appointment, and it can take up to five sessions to get the final results.

Does hair fall out instantly?
Hair will grow back sparingly, and then will fall out around five to ten days later. 

Is laser hair removal safe?
Make sure you go to a place that is trustworthy. For me, it has been completely 100% safe. You have to wear a large pair of dark glasses to protect your eyes, and you'll be asked lots of questions regarding your health beforehand. But in general, it is very safe.

Is it safe to have laser hair removal treatments while you take vitamins/antibiotics/medicine?
For me..absolutely. I take supplements and vitamins, and I haven't had any problems at all. But it's best to have a chat to your beautician about this.

When should you have a laser treatment if you're going on a summer trip/holiday?
When going on holidays, I would suggest 2 or 3 treatments about 2 months beforehand.

Is it painful?
The first time will definitely be painful. You will feel some sharp zapping. But honestly, it lasts only a millisecond, and you'll feel perfectly fine afterwards. And during the next sessions you'll feel nothing at all.

Is it permanent?
YES! When the hair is gone, it's gone for good. And it feels great.

Love, Elle xo
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