Thursday, 17 July 2014

Things I've Learnt In Life


Things I've Learnt In Life
  • Ignore what other people think of you. Part of being successful is pushing forward even when others say negative things against you. You have to believe in yourself and stand by your own decisions. Anyone who tries to bring you down is already beneath you.
  • Keep your mind and body centred. We all feel better and have more energy when we eat organic, get enough sleep, stay hydrated, take a supplement, meditate and exercise regularly. Keeping healthy really helps when times get stressful, and learn to separate work from my private life.
  • Know and accept who you are. Know your strengths and your flaws. Recognise the things you're great at and the things that challenge you. Understand that changing habits takes persistence; that turning weaknesses into strengths takes time; and that success takes work. Challenges or obstacles can either bury you or make you stronger.
  • Make time for the things that give you happiness. I believe that we all have a passion, whatever that may be. Nurture it. Let it to grow. And allow it to do great things for you. Create a vision board. Without passion, life becomes a series of tedious, uninspiring events that consist of work/eat/sleep/repeat. Life is way too short doing things we don't love.
  • Happiness is a journey, not a destination. It takes small steps every single day.
  • Plan for the future but live in the moment. Living in the 'NOW' gives you permission to find happiness and pleasure in the smallest of tasks. It helps you to let go of the past, let go of regrets and find success on a daily basis. Focusing on the present allows us to see what's important in life, helps us to focus on our goals, and not worry about past decisions.
So, believe in yourself. Trust your intuition and stay persistent.
Laugh often, have fun, stay focused and treasure who you are.

Love, Elle xo
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