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Edit Your Wardrobe Like A Pro


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Celebrity closet designer and owner of 'LA Closet' Lisa Adams has seen and organised the wardrobes of many celebs, including Whitney Port, Kendall Jenner and Giuliana Rancic. Here are her best tips on how to edit your wardrobe like a pro.

Weekly vs Yearly Cleanse
Lisa states that a weekly cleanse is best. "It's less intense," she says. If you take a piece out of your closet and it doesn't fit, do something about it immediately. Lisa actually prefers to edit her wardrobe every day. She keeps a hamper for clothes that need to be altered, donated or tossed. "Don't put these items back into your wardrobe. It's time to let go of things and wear everything you own."

Clothes need TLC
Get rid of your wire hangers, and invest in wooden or quilted hangers. Lisa also loves placing lavender satchels in her closet to protect garments from bugs, and fresh flowers in the bedroom.

Storage matters
Lisa is a big fan of investing in storage boxes for seasonal items, like boots and heavy woollens. Buy clear shoe-boxes for your heels, wedges and sandals, and arrange them in seasons. "Invest in baskets for workout clothes, drawer dividers for lingerie, camisoles and nightwear, and use the inside of closet doors for hanging scarves, belts and long necklaces."

Turn your closet into an experience
Lisa loves transforming an ordinary wardrobe into a visual masterpiece where the client feels relaxed, inspired and organised. Clothes need to be arranged and coordinated in seasons/colours/lengths/styles. Have a long wall-to-floor mirror installed in your closet and invest in pull-out shelving for folded clothes and perfumes, and built-in drawers for your jewellery, sunglasses and watches.

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