Thursday, 26 June 2014

Top Confidence Boosters To Practice Every Day


Sometimes there are people in your life who do nothing but complain, who go out of their way to make others feel miserable and never stop trying to bring you down to their level. But I refuse to let their negative attitudes get to me. It takes courage to live your life for you and no-one else, and here are my top confidence boosters that I try to practice everyday.
  1. Smile lots (the best revenge is to be happy)
  2. Don't over-analyse things (over-thinking things isn't healthy)
  3. Improve your skin by getting facials (radiant glowing skin makes you look less stressed)
  4. Meditate (which improves self-acceptance)
  5. Apologise Less (you should never have to apologise for how you feel)
  6. Wear your favourite fragrance more often (and smell great!)
  7. Get more sleep (write things down and get lots of rest at night)
  8. Straighten up (stand tall, shoulders back and head up and be amazing)
  9. Reward yourself A LOT (reward yourself for small everyday achievements)
  10. Bronze up (pop some fake tan on your body and put some bronzer on your cheeks)
  11. Eat healthy (most of the time)
  12. Recover from failure (a bad day doesn't mean a bad life)
  13. Get a chemical peel (this brightens the skin and helps you glow)
  14. Exercise (a little each day brings out those happy endorphins)
  15. Don't freak out over little mistakes (you're only human and mistakes are small lessons)
  16. Never feel jealous (comparison leads to self doubt, and you're worth more than you know)
  17. Make eye contact (which helps boost self confidence)
  18. Remember the good (and write them down)
  19. Stop procrastinating (make lists and take small steps towards success)
  20. Picture yourself succeeding everyday (visualise it and achieve it)
Love, Elle xo
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