Friday, 13 June 2014

Nicole Scherzinger's Fishtail Braid



Nicole Scherzinger's Fishtail Braid
Nicole Scherzinger has the most amazing hair, and I am dying over her super high fishtail pony (see pic below). I LOVE it. So versatile and sooooo pretty. Here's how to rock the look.

  1. Make a ponytail super high (above the ears) and tie with an elastic. Then split your ponytail into 2 sections.
  2. The secret to a great fishtail braid is to always take pieces from the back. So take a small section from under the right half of your pony and pull it over the top to the middle.
  3. Grab that section of hair into the left half of the pony and pull tight.
  4. Now switch to the left section of your ponytail. Take a small piece of hair from under the left half. 
  5. Pull it over that section into the middle. Grab into the right side and pull tight.
  6. Do the whole braid this way, alternating each side, and pulling tight as you go.
  7. Finish the braid and tie the end with an elastic. If you want a more boho look, loosen the fishtail braid with your fingers.
Love, Elle xo
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