Monday, 14 April 2014

Eight Energy Zappers That Stop You From Looking Great


Eight Energy Zappers That Stop You From Looking And Feeling Great
Summer is over in Oz, and it's easy to get into an energy-zapping rut. Here are some mistakes that we often make when it gets colder, which stop us from feeling and looking great.

1. Running behind time 
Our bodies work like a clock. We naturally feel high energy mid-morning and early evening, and our lowest point of energy occurs right before bedtime. Instead of fighting this, it's important to go with what your body wants.

2. Skipping breakfast
It's a fact that people who eat breakfast feel less tired and stressed throughout the day. It's that simple.

3. Not exercising
Regular exercise boosts energy levels, which in turn makes you look and feel amazing.

4. Oversleeping 
Sleeping until noon really messes with your metabolism, causes puffiness around the eyes and actually makes you look and feel tired all the time.

5. Always eating fatty foods
Constantly eating fatty foods makes you feel bloated, tired, thirsty, less energetic and unfocused. Let's face it, your body doesn't function well when it's not fueled properly.

6. Not stretching 
A few deep breaths while stretching your arms. legs, back and neck allows oxygen to enter the body, improves blood circulation and clears the mind.

7. Drinking energy drinks
These drinks give you a huge sugar/caffeine rush then a might big crash, causing headaches, heart tremors and nausea. Boost your Vitamin C levels with fresh strawberries instead.

8. Not eating enough protein
Protein is great for lean muscle and gives you lots of energy. It also creates dopamine which is essential for energy levels and motivation.
Love, Elle xo
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