Friday, 21 March 2014

The Secret To Getting Victoria's Secret Hair


Alan White from GHD (the official sponsor of Victoria's Secret) shares the secret of getting voluptuous bombshell VS hair.

Create Volume 
On towel-dried hair, apply a volumising product to create incredible volume with maximum hold. Then tip your hair upside down and dry hair with a hair dryer. Brush hair in different directions with an oval bristle brush, focusing on getting lift at the roots as you dry. This creates lots of that Victoria's Secret bounce.

Drying Time 
When hair is 90% dry, flip it back over to dry. Using the cool button of your hair dryer, set the hair as it's rolled around a large round bristle brush. This creates smooth hair that still has lots of movement.

The Perfect Wave 
Take small sections of hair and smooth the mid-lengths with your GHD in a downward spiral to create loose large curls.

Cool It 
Allow hair to cool then brush out vigorously to relax the curls and emphasize the volume and bounce.

Love, Elle xo
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