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How I Self Tan My Face


How I Self Tan My Face

It can be tricky applying self-tanner to the face, but getting an even natural glow is actually easy.
Here are my tips and tricks to achieving that golden radiant look.

Prepare the skin
Start by exfoliating the skin with either a scrub or a peel. Lightly moisturise around your nose and other dry areas of the face.

Go easy
I like using a gradual tanner like Clarins Instant Gel. With clean apply a small amount into the areas where you naturally tan such as your forehead, the apples of the cheeks, along the bridge of your nose and the chin. Blend outwards from the points. use a very light touch around the nose and top lip, and feather out the tanner to your hairline and past the jawline. Keep away from the eyelids and eyebrows, as they can turn orange.

Maintain that healthy glow
It can take up to 4 applications of gradual self tanner to get the right shade. To maintain it, avoid using Retin A, retinols and acne treatments. Use a gentle cleanser and keep the skin hydrated and moisturised.
~ Here are some favourite (non-oily) self tanners for the face  ~


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