Saturday, 15 February 2014

Tips For A Chic & Tidy Desk From Lauren Conrad



My office space often becomes one big pile of papers, paper clips and post-it notes, and I'm always looking for new ways of keeping a tidy and organised desk. So here are some fabulous tips and tricks that I found on for decorating the work space.

Tips for a Chic and Tidy Desk

Clear clutter weekly - To keep your desk tidy all year round, spend a few minutes every Friday filing papers and reports, and putting things back where they belong.

Find storage solutions that don't make you cringe - Try to find ways to store your bits and pieces, such as trays, baskets, bookshelves and filing cabinets.

Keep cords out of sight - A tangle of cords looks ugly on your desk, and a great way to hide them is to drill a hole at the bottom of your desk, (check out for some great organising tips) or tie them together with velcro strips into an organised cluster.

Pick pretty stationary - There is nothing better than putting pen to paper, and choosing pretty notepads makes jotting down ideas so much more enjoyable. Cute post-it notes are a must-have, and check Etsy for lovely, personalised notebooks. A vase of fresh flowers is also a lovely idea.

Make an inspiration board - Big or small, an inspiration board helps maintain focus and motivation. It could contain inspiring quotes, photos, invitations and business cards. I like to have a pretty calendar at my desk as well.
Pinterest always has gorgeous organisational pics and tricks too.

Love, Elle xo
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